Monday, October 31, 2016

Day and Dark

Day And Dark

I like it when its dark
It gives me time to think
but the creatures you see are real
as the could be.
Daydreamers are lost
when the dreamers dream.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hot Dog

Its Hot today, And were are getting a Dog
What type of Dog a HotDog.

Complex on X-mas

Its hard to find X
its really complex when its X-mas
and its hot when my dog on me. X is really futuristic
like they use it in every cool model like the super soaker X
or the XG car. You see X is really futuristic, but it makes no sense and thats
another reasons X is complex. X is hard to find when its X-mas.

Growing Up

They'll keep you and teach you 
until you grow 
but when the let you go 
your on your own.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fallen Stars

Fallen Stars

You found some one you don't know
You like her but you are a afraid to talk 
Your parents are fighting and
Everything is going down.

Decisions of Odysseus

Decisions of Odysseus

The Odyssey is a story about a mortal man named Odysseus who faced many events that no normal human would survive. This tale takes us back 3,000 years ago when Odysseus was going home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.   He was an intelligent  man who made many wise decisions, but like all people, he also made some mistakes.
One terrible mistake that Odyssues made was when he called his name out to the cyclops. Odysseus and his men blinded the cyclops so they could escape the cave. After escaping the cyclops, Odyssues was too proud about his victory against the cyclops, that he needed to claim his glory. He called his name out to the cyclops but little did he know that the cyclops’ father was Poseidon a major god. Calling upon his father, he cursed Odyssues. “....Let him never reach his home or if the other gods decree that he must, let him come late after long suffering ….” (Pg 110).  This is Poseidon’s curse that started his battle agaist the dangerous seas. Odysseus was impulsive when he called out his name to the cyclops, he acted without thinking about the consequences.Telling Polyphemus (the cyclops) his real name was a disaster, however, Odysseus also made some good choices before he got cursed.
One good decision that Odysseus made was when he decided not to eat the lotus fruit.
This was an issue because when they got the to Land of the Lotus Eaters the men were drugged when they ate the fruit but Odysseus already knew not to eat the fruit. He knew this because he saw that the men were acting strangely after they ate the fruit. The men all wanted to stay but Odysseus was eager to get home. Odysseus got his men to snap out of it. He got the men to go on the boats. This shows that Odysseus is clever by thinking twice before eating the fruit.
One other good discussion is when Odysseus told the cyclops his name is “Nobody”.
Odyssues’ men went into a big cave that belonged to a cyclops. Odyssues’ men wanted to leave but Odysseus wanted a welcome gift from the owner of the cave. The cyclops came and all the men were afraid and they got trapped in the cave with the cyclops. The cyclops asked Odysseus what his name was. Odysseus replied his name was “Nobody”. This was a good decision because when Odysseus blinded the cyclops, the cyclops’ friends came to help and ask what was going on. The cyclops that was blind, Polyphemus, replied “Nobody” is hurting me. This shows that Odysseus was clever and intelligent to trick a cyclops.

After Odysseus’ long suffering journey, he finally made it back home to his family in Ithaca. He had lost many men when battling monsters because of some wrong decisions he made because he was too confident to think twice about the situation. Even though he made some mistakes, he survived a trip that no one thought he would because of his skills and intelligence and ability to outsmart the monsters.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

“6 letter Name.”

“6 letter Name.”

I am a six letter boy
That loves sports and  also kind
He hops to others to help if they need
Respectful to others my name is...  
Not Norman not even Frances
They wanted a chartered list
With a twist of a six letter name
With brain that changed that
Also that can arrange
I had a few nicknames what was awfully strange
People called me “Cola” and “Nikko”
Well they wondered what should be the name
With a six letter name well they could not decide
A name that can mean of victory not glittery as my mom decided
I was a six letter boy
Not Norman not Caral not even Frances
The name they have chosen very carefully
It was a Greek name that spoke the truth
Nikola meaning “a victory of people” and that was the 6 letter name.